How much money would you pay to save an unborn baby from abortion?

SAVE UNBORN LIFE has been created to offer a compensation sum of $3000 to any pregnant woman who is considering abortion, to choose instead to carry her baby and give it LIFE!

SAVE UNBORN LIFE is a 501 C-3 tax-exempt charity–your contributions are tax-deductible!

Contact: Roger Kent
P.O. Box 200 Devon PA 19333

Time Magazine–Feb. 26, 2007
“The Abortion Campaign You Never Hear About” reports that 73% of women interviewed in a 2004 study stated that they “can’t afford a baby now” as the reason they chose abortion.

“If a small amount of money can save these innocent babies, then we hope that every Pro-Life American will join our mission.”


Mrs. Laura Merriott

Vice President

Terri Dworaczyk


Joanna Sanzo


Teresa Augustyniak